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Wedding flower arrangements

Floral arrangements are an integral part of wedding celebrations in every culture around the world. Well-designed wedding flower arrangements will also create a unique atmosphere and add beauty to a wedding. Flowers are one way you can express your personal style and creativity.

Although floral arrangements are an essential part of wedding planning, it might be daunting to choose when you have never chosen wedding flowers before! If you don’t know where to start, work with a professional florist. Be prepared with a few essential details, such as your budget, preferred style or mood, and any colors you like best.

Wedding floral arrangements—Budget First!

You would be surprised how easy it can be to go off budget when it comes to flowers. So, start of right by planning your budget first, before you begin considering any other thing. This will help you choose your flowers by sorting out what options are in your budget range (for wedding bouquets and other floral decorations).

If your budget is rather tight, you might focus on greenery with one flower featured. It is a simple yet beautiful and cost-effective option. A bigger budget will allow you to consider a more complex design with more flowers.

Wedding reception flowers—Work With The Season

One harmonious approach is to consider the flowers commonly available around the time of your wedding. In spring, you might focus on colorful tulips and delicate peonies; in fall, perhaps you could use bright dahlias and mums. Of course, you can often work with a florist to find flowers which are out-of-season, but in-season flowers can save you time, money and efforts.

Wedding floral arrangements—Match the Rest of Your Wedding

Your floral arrangements should generally reflect the overall tone and style of your wedding. For example, a fancy black-tie wedding would be best paired with traditional flowers, such as timeless and elegant white calla lilies. A more relaxed ceremony, however, might pair well with a creative option, such as playful and peppy Gerbera daisies or even wildflowers.

Blossom Bespoke Events – Your Perfect Wedding Floral Arrangements

We are passionate about providing couples with wedding floral arrangements that meet all of their requirements, to make the big day even more special and beautiful. We can work with you to match your color scheme, style, budget, and any other needs, saving you the fuss and stress of trying to figure it all out for yourself. After all, you might only plan a wedding once, but at Blossom Bespoke Events, we have planned them a hundred times! Let us share our experience with you.