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Bespoke Events

Blossom Bespoke Events provides complete kids’ party planning services for the happy families of Dubai

We would be honored to help you make your special kids’ event a day to remember! Our agency understands the challenge of making an event happen and handling a crowd of boisterous children. When you work with us, you can focus on the kids and we take care of the rest.

Choose Blossom Bespoke Events to Plan your Kids’ Parties in Dubai

We design each party as a unique, fun-filled and totally interactive show, that parents and caregivers can customize for the lucky child. Our team will celebrate any holiday, birthday or other event with a variety of character-driven entertainments and themes, guaranteed to keep little ones entertained and happy. We take care of every detail and provide everything you need to make your kid’s dreams come to life.

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Fun-filled themes

We plan a new time every time to keep kids excited and engaged with our interactive programs

Professional animators

We work with animators who are professional, talented, experienced and great with children

Amazing design and decoration

We can plan, design and realize any theme of your choice, so the kids can have the time of their lives and enjoy a day of never-ending fun!

Yummy catering options

We offer special children’s menu with tasty refreshments, snacks and sweets for a sweet and savoury end to the exciting festivities

Planning kids’ parties in Dubai: Birthday Party Services with Flexible Options

Are you looking for someone to help you plan from start to finish? We can do that! We’re also happy to help with a selected part of the party planning. Whether you are looking for perfect themed decorations or exciting games with a team of professional animators, we will provide you with options that are sure to delight both young and old party guests. Let us help you make a day full of wonderful memories that will last your children a lifetime.

Kids’ Birthday Party for All Ages

Are you planning to celebrate your son’s or daughter’s first, fifth or tenth birthday? Or are you about to have the 18th birthday celebration? We pride ourselves on planning highly personalized parties for birthdays or any other special kids’ celebrations. We organize wonderful entertainment appropriate for the age(s) of your children, ensuring them a joyful and unforgettable day full of smiling faces, excitement, and fun.

Dubai Kid’s Birthday Party Themes

We know how to keep your kids engaged and entertained with super fun parties they will be buzzing about for weeks! We have a special way of celebrating just about any holiday with unique, fun-filled and totally interactive shows that will leave your little ones over the moon with joy.
Choose a party theme from our classic, proven successes, and we will personalize with your preferences. We can also collaborate with you on an absolutely unique theme! Then our team will create unique decorations and offer ideas for entertainment that are in line with that theme.
In addition to the decorations and entertainment, we can offer you delicious catering options. What would you like to for tasty refreshments, snacks and sweets tables? How about takeaway presents for your guests, to keep them talking long after the party is over? Work with us to make the special day an unforgettable experience, that you, your kids, and your guests will remember happily for years to come.

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We look forward to working with you to make your event blossom into something truly special!

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