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Reviews on an event planning company in Dubai | Blossom Bespoke Events

  • I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to Blossom Bespoke Events for their help in planning my partner’s birthday party! Your team helped me prepare an amazing surprise for him. Everyone was simply blown away. Thank you for this great experience.
  • Blossom Bespoke Events helped us celebrate my daughter’s birthday in Dubai. I can’t say enough how my daughter and her guests were happy. She always dreamed to have a Disney kind of birthday party with fairies, dwarfs and princesses and they made her dream come true. That was a really perfect birthday party!
  • We had a fantastic company’s party in Dubai thanks to Blossom Bespoke Events. They did a great job so that the look and feel represented our brand perfectly. Everyone was just blown away. Thank you so much for this hard work! It was such a pleasure to work with your team!
  • Blossom Bespoke Events were fantastic! They really took my birthday party to the next level. Their ability to design and plan down to every detail was remarkable. I simply didn’t have anything to worry about. Every guest told me that that was the best birthday party they had been to. Thanks Blossom Bespoke Events!
  • I can’t say how grateful I am for our amazing wedding in Dubai. We will never forget this day! The Blossom Bespoke Events team was detailed oriented, organized, efficient and what is more important so easy to work with. They had so many ideas for our special event and kept it all within our budget. They did an awesome job so that I could really sit back and relax on my big day. My husband and I couldn’t have dreamed of a more perfect wedding!
  • I’d like to thank Blossom Bespoke Events, they did a great job. They were super creative and came to me with some amazing ideas. They take your vision personally and are committed to delivering. Any questions I had were answered immediately and they handled all the situations that arose during the event. Highly recommend them!
  • The event planning agency Blossom Bespoke Events are real professionals. They helped us organize a party in Dubai for our son just in a few days. But the result was more than impressive.  The party was amazing, our son’s guests and their parents were so excited that it will probably be an experience that we will never forget. Thank you for that. I would definitely recommend them!
  • Thanks a lot to Blossom Bespoke Events for our unforgettable wedding party in Dubai. That was the wedding I was always dreaming about. It was just like magic, they exceeded all our expectations, the team were beyond helpful and responsive. Everything was just more beautiful and spectacular than I could have ever imagined. We had the best day ever! Thanks Blossom Bespoke Events!
  • I’d like to thank Blossom for planning and managing my anniversary in Dubai. This agency is a team of real professionals. First, they carefully listened what I wanted them to do and then they offered their own suggestions. As the result, they did an exceptional job delivering my vision for the party. The Blossom team took care of everything and kept the special event on schedule. Again, thank you so much!
  • Blossom Bespoke Events made my birthday party in Dubai this year. And I can say for sure that it was one of the best days in my life. Thank you so much for the fantastic job you did. This extremely responsive and creative team has attention to detail and a great passion to deliver you a flawless experience. Definitely would work with them again!